Clean Protein Challenge day 0: prep

An important step in any food challenge is prepping. In this case, prepping meant research… and more research. I know my gluten-free now, but I wasn’t too familiar with protein. By taking a look at different nutrition specialists, and looking at the nutritional values of products I usually buy at my favorite supermarkets, I came up with this list of high protein -yummy- foods. I know there are a lot more healthy, high protein foods, but these are the ones I have used in my recipes for this week.


Of course, the most difficult for someone with celiac disease is the grains part of any meal, luckily there are many gluten-free options. Here are a few high protein grains and grain by-products.
grainsThe trick to eating enough, but not too much is keeping to the “plate plan”: many different nutritionists swear by it. According to the plate plan, your plate should look lie this (this particular plan is quite general, and is made by Vancouver Coastal Health):

There are of course many different plate types, depending on your specific needs, but for a clean eating challenge, this seemed perfect to me. By combining elements from the vegetable, meat & fish and grain charts, you can create a high protein, clean meal! Stay tuned to read the recipes I made during this challenge!

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