Green smoothie

So, anyone who knows me, knows I’m a bit of a jerk sometimes (most of the time really) and that I’m also an incredibly skeptical person. So when I heard of green detox smoothies that do wonders for your body (and mind apparently) my first thought was that it was another fit-girl/ super-food trick: just another way to up-price normal products. For instance, kale. Now kale in the US is considered a super-food, and most likely gets a super-food price-tag. Here in the Netherlands, people will drop dead laughing: kale (here: boerenkool) can be compared to corn in the US as it’s everywhere and used for the ‘poorest’ (but nonetheless traditional) recipes.

But I digress .. back to the green smoothie. I just used what we had in the kitchen + you’ll need a blender:

1 apple
1/2 carrot
100 grams of frozen kale
500 ml orange juice
200 ml coconut water (we don’t always have this at the house, but since I’m not a big fan and wanted to sabotage the recipe a bit, I bought this) (See: I’m a jerk)


1.To be nice to your blender, chop up your apple and carrot into smaller pieces, the blender won’t have to work as hard.
2.Throw in your apple and carrot pieces, add the kale, and the juices.
3. Blend

Now what I got out of this was a frothy, thick smoothie. The taste of the blended parts wasn’t too bad (damn you, fit-girls!) but since the pieces of carrot and apple kind of tasted like drinking your own spit-up, I decided to strain it. This left me with a cloudy green like concoction that tasted a lot like your general multivitamin drink. Which was actually really good.

(so sorry for the horrible pictures: first one is before straining, second one is after straining)

The verdict: when making a green smoothie, you must cheat (and strain) to prevent remembering your last toilet hugging moment. Also, it may be an idea to drink it as a shot instead of in a tall glass. I WILL be trying more recipes using different ingredients to be able to really say something about these green smoothies …

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