Better Bagels

Hi again! It seems like forever since my last blogpost, and in digital terms it probably is! But luckily I have something especially nice to blog about today so without further ado, my review for Better Bagels!

So, Better Bagels is a bagel bakery in Leiden and I can say: I’m in love! The atmosphere, the employees the bagels.. Sigh. We were introduced to Better Bagels by a friend after walking by ourselves multiple times, wary of the ‘gluten-free disclaimer’ on the door. It said something like “gluten-free bagels may still be contaminated in the process of making them”. This freaked me out more than anything, so we walked by each time without giving the bakery much thought. By chance my boyfriend had gotten one of their bagels (at a lunch of sorts), and he had no problems.. Even more so: he HAD to take me there as well.

This was about 6 months ago now, and we try to make regular (1-2 times a month) stops to enjoy their bagels! Where other bagel shops (looking at you, Bagels and Beans!!) sell rather bland bagels with exotic toppings, Better Bagels makes extraordinary bagels (gluten-free and gluten-full are both incredible) with simple, but exquisite toppings! Besides their specialty, bagels, they also make bageldogs (yum!! Missed these) and their (iced) coffee is perfect! Quality and professionality are key and I give all employees my thanks, as my “glutard” has never had a reaction, no matter who makes his bagel. Thanks guys, well see you again soon!

Better Bagels site:

(P.S. Try our favorites! B.L.T. on an everything bagel or Perfect Pastrami on a Jalapeno bagel!)

image via NSMBL, who have also mentioned Better Bagels in their seach for fun addresses to visit! Check it out here:


Here are some of my own pictures:

The Jalapeno bagel with Perfect Pastrami 🙂
Gluten free flag for our gluten free wishes!

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