Market Haul 17/01

So today, as I usually do on Saturdays (and Wednesdays) I went to the market. It was incredibly busy, but I was on a mission and determined to succeed. My list included avocados (for guacamole!) and peppers (for -I hope- gluten-free couscous tomorrow). After, what I thought was thurough looking the cheapest avocados were about €3,- per 2. Since that stall didn’t sell peppers, I looked for those at the neighboring stall (which I had looked at before). And there, I saw it. A little bag with 3 avocados for €1,-. They were very ripe, so perfect for guacamole! So ofcourse I bought those as well! And the peppers.. Well, I got 4 for €1,25 which is a pretty good price here. So a total of 5 avocados and 4 red peppers for about €5,-


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