Restaurant Review: La Cubanita

So.. this is one of my favorite tapas restaurants in the Netherlands, and especially so since I found out they have fantastic regulations with allergies.

So first things first: The restaurant!

La Cubanita is an all-you-can-eat (any student’s magic phrase) tapas restaurant! Their price for unlimited tapas on Sundays through Thursdays is €17,50 and Fridays and Saturdays €22,50 so all in all very nicely priced. Their decor is just my cup of tea (or glass of sangria…?) with rustic looking dining tables and chairs/benches. Now this may seem a bit boring, but they’ve let anyone that has had dinner write a message on the walls. These messages range from “Team dinner 2012” covered in hearts and names of colleagues to phone numbers advertising “fun nights out (or in!!)”.  But I degress…

The Food
La Cubanita has a wide range of tapas (small Spanish/ Latin American dishes). Having many choices of meat, fish, veg and cold tapas, they provide for all kinds of crowds. A few of my favorites would probably be the “Carpaccio con Pesto”, “Pedazos de Solomillo Picantes (spicy pork tenderloin)” and the “Gambas con Chorizo”. Although most of the food isn’t too heavily spiced, I’ve never had to grab the salt and pepper shaker; it’s always just right.

The Gluten-Free
So, one of my favorite things about this restaurant is the fact they have great regulations concerning (gluten) allergies. As per usual, we asked beforehand how their gluten-free menu was (In Japan we were often unpleasantly surprised when, Yes! they did have a gluten-free menu, which usually consisted nothing other than salads). The first surprise was that the girl knew what we were talking about (we’re used to getting puzzled looks at this point). She then grabbed surprise number two: a special “allergy menu” that indicated which dishes were safe and which weren’t per allergy (ideal for people with multiple allergies). Our last, very pleasant, surprise was that my glutard could actually eat something other than salad!

The Verdict
La Cubanita provides a safe option for going out for dinner for people with celiac disease. They know how to keep their dishes from being cross-contaminated so people with allergies won’t have a reaction. The food is great and there’s a very decent selection of tapas. The decor is perfectly balanced: the simple, rustic tables vs. the overly busy walls with writing. Absolutely a place to go to if you want to go out for dinner with a group of friends or maybe even as a date (I myself will be going there next week!) 4 Stars!

(After my dinner next week I will upload some of my own pictures to add to this post 😉 )

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